The Venetian brand of artistic perfumery, The Merchant of Venice, continues its growth in the domestic and foreign markets by opening a new boutique in Via Bocca di Leone 93/94. Along with the historic San Fantin pharmacy, the Spezieria All'Ercole d'Oro, and the flagship stores in Venice, Murano, Milan, Verona, and Florence, the brand's stores are now seven.


Located near Piazza di Spagna, in the area that already houses the most important international luxury brands. Following the one in Milan, it is the second store of The Merchant of Venice with a concept  conceived and created by the internationally renowned theatre set designer, Pier Luigi Pizzi, who already authored the restyling of the exhibition in the Perfume Museum, in Palazzo Mocenigo, (Venice). This new museum’s theme is dedicated to the history of perfume, and its overall concept generated the concept of the brand itself.


“Rome is a unique city in the world” – states Marco Vidal, CEO of The Merchant of Venice - “There is no better place for the boutique of a brand that has the ambition to proudly represent the excellence of Made in Italy products. The symbolic magnificence of the Eternal City, its monuments, its ability to represent the art and architecture of over two thousand years of history. Rome is incomparable and exciting. We chose the area of Piazza di Spagna and Via Bocca di Leone because they are the heart of the elegant, cultured, open-minded spirit of the city. Once again, we were honoured to present a retail project by Maestro Pier Luigi Pizzi entirely dedicated to Rome: Pizzi interprets a style that will always distinguish the brand.”


This exclusive store features an innovative and impressive concept based on black and vermilion colours, a tribute to the ancient Romans who used these pigments to decorate their homes. Visitors are surrounded by a theatre atmosphere that re-interprets the typical ancient Venetian pharmacy in a contemporary key. The neoclassic interior design are made unique by the red colour, the institutional colour of the Brand. In the centre there is a niche with Corinthian columns, which frames the enlarged image of a perfume bottle from the collection.


Maestro Pier Luigi Pizzi, designer and curator of the restyling, states:

“The list of my collaborations with The Merchant of Venice is growing longer and richer. After the creation of the Perfume Museum in Palazzo Mocenigo (Venice), the exhibition at the Vittoriale, d'Annunzio e l’arte del profumo (Rome), and the showroom in via Brera (Milan), now there is this new project for Rome. Due to the great agreement between Marco Vidal and myself, I would say our style is easily recognisable. This style involves shared chromatic choices in an architectural environment, and an unmistakable touch of Venetian character given by the precious Murano glass, which also characterises the products of The Merchant of Venice.”


Inside the store, a wide range of Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette, along with body care, home living products, and accessories. It is a sensory shopping experience.

The fragrances are inspired by ancient Venetian perfumery art and bottled in elegant design packages that are reminiscent of the millenary tradition of Murano glass. Customers can also use the personalised layering service (fragrance combination): they can create their own perfume.They can even play as a master perfumer discovering the ancient secrets of a timeless tradition.




The world of Pineider is not only stationary. They also sell great leather accessories. In Rome the store is located in via dei Due Macelli 68, just off piazza di Spagna.

I often take the clients from to explore this sophisticated world. They even ship your stationary to the USA after they engrave it. Pineider was founded in Florence in 1774. From the first personalized printed letters to nowadays. The printing of embossed papers, the leather goods made by local tanneries and artisans ad even the writing instruments produced by master artisans in Tuscany. People like Barack Obama, Angela Merkel, Miuccia Prada, Giorgio Armani, Madonna and Sting just to name some of the latest Pineideir's clients.

Now this sophisticated brand is presenting new copybooks for writers, poets or normal people. They remind us that you can write everywhere. Here is what the Pineider company writes in their press release :" From the walls to notebook. It is not easy to write a book, everybody knows that. Even less easy is to come up with the climax, the plot and the characters". No wonder we can say and they explains: " The notes by Ernest Hemingway or J.K. Rowling are almost incomprehensible while not everyone knows that William Faulkner, the nobel prize winner, took notes on the walls of his house just like the italian poetessa Alda Merini".

We don't need to be a poet, even to write your shopping list ou can take notes on these super elegant notepad. They are in various colors for the moment with Milano on the cover but we are waiting soon for the roman version.

Pineider_Notes Milano_07.jpg


Chanel is one of the most visited boutique in Rome. They are located in piazza di Spagna 85, in front of the steps. In 2015 they organised a fantastic show in Cinecittà. Few days ago the Haute Couture in Paris, at the Grand Palais, as usual, but this time transformed in Quais sur la  Seine. The turnover, finally delivered is about 9,7 billion dollars. Amazing.

Chanel is not only a fashion brand designed by Karl Lagerfeld, a legend. The french company is constantly committed to the schools. Convinced that the passing down of a passion is key to the future of fashion and French luxury, the House is very involved in the curriculums offered by schools in the fields of creation and savoir-faire, as well as those that teach management, marketing, business, digital and new technologies.

As one of the top five most sought-after employers by students (Universum rating), Chanel has built long-term and targeted partnerships with several prestigious schools. Presentations in schools, setting up collaborative projects and offering internships are just some of the axis of these partnerships.

The House is thus actively involved at the IFM (Institut Français de la mode), to help strengthen Paris as the capital of Fashion, and to attract and train international talents who will later work at all the Fashion Houses. Chanel L is a committed partner of IFM. Its representatives visit the school to share their vision of Fashion and their métiers with the students. The french griffe also offers students at IFM the chance to undertake projects with the teams at the House as well as numerous internships.

In 2015, the House became involved with the ESSEC Business School to establish a professorship dedicated to the management of exceptional savoir-faire. Its goal is to prepare the managers and entrepreneurs of tomorrow working in companies in this field. Every year, The Maison welcomes a dozen students and offers them spaces for reflection, dialogue and teaching through the implementation of a project, proposed and accompanied by the Maisons d'art teams.

Chanel is equally involved with specialist schools in its own field, such as the École de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne which trains young people in the crafts of couture (pattern making, toile making, sewing…) and creation. The House also cooperates with La Fabrique, École des métiers de la mode et de la décoration, where the House recruits Visual Merchandisers to work in the boutiques.

The Maisons d'art, grouped within the Paraffection company, which invests heavily in the durability and development of their savoir-faire, regularly collaborates with the schools specialising in embroidery, feather work and hat making. Among them are the Lycée Octave Feuillet, the Lycée de la Source, l'Académie Internationale de Coupe de Paris (AICP) and the Ecole Duperré.

In 2016, the House designed and developed an exclusive international program with ENSAAMA (École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Appliqués et des Métiers d'Art) to accelerate the development of its students working on Visual Merchandising. This program, designed to strengthen their skills, has made it a veritable breeding ground for international collaborators with very diverse backgrounds and training.

This desire to develop the talents of the House by partnering with leading schools in France and internationally takes shape once more in 2017 thanks to the launch of a program to develop our talents in collaboration with Central Saint Martins in London. Its goal: to consolidate the skills of our Visual Merchandising experts in the fields of style and accessorising.

As a member of the Comité Colbert, the House also invests in the master’s degree in design strategy offered by ENSAAMA, and every year accompanies students on a project intended to stimulate their creativity.

In 2018, the House reinforced its links with the engineering school ITECH, by taking part in a project integrated into a double degree which aims to train multidisciplinary students and focus on innovation. For several years, ITECH has been a key partner in the recruitment and training of our experts in leather and textile engineering.

Following the example of these partnerships, CHANEL has now woven long term links and a shared trust with over forty French and international schools. We hope soon also with the italian fashion schools.

Chanel haute couture fall 2018.jpg