About few weeks ago, I went to see new creative designers at the Hotel Minerva, near the Pantheon. A little bit for shopping and a little bit for scouting.  One of this new talent is Patrizia Santamaria, her brand name is Patsa which means, in a game-word, crazy (even though in italian you write pazza). She is a roman artist and actress. She loves sculpture and she makes jewels with unconventional materials such as ceramic,  leather, wax, wood but also more traditional ones such as bronze and silver. She gets inspirations from Ancient Rome and from nature. At least three stores sell her creations: Gasparrini Antiquari (via Fontanella Borghese 43), Mood (via del Corso 344) and Le Cabochon in the Parioli area (via Antonio Stoppani 7). Her website