We arrange visits to Rome art galleries or antique dealers who will be able to explain their work and talk about the art market. Gallerists such as Valentina Bonomo, Studio Geddes, Galleria del Cortile and Di Castro for Antiques. If we are in an opening day,  it is possible to attend vernissage.

If you like craftsmanship and costume-made items you  will love this proposal. The artisans are part of Roman tradition. A high quality jewel made by Fabio Salini or Lucia Odescalchi, a marble sculpted object, a cameo are some of the wonderful experiences you will take home with  you.

We can take you to historical labs such as Massimo Giuliani a silver designer who works also with gold and bronze. He made the tabernacle of the Chicago Cathedral. We recently found a frame atelier, Ercoli who worked for artists such as Renato Guttuso, Domenico Gnoli, Domenico Purificato and Hugo Pratt.

The price is 70 euros per hour.

Half day is a great solution, often the most desirable for all packages.