A couple of weeks ago Fendi had his Haute Couture show in Paris. Click on the pictures to see some models of shoes and bags too.

The new idea for the Fall season was to treat non-fur material in a way that they looked like real one. Some pieces, for example a skirt, was looking as Astrakhan but it wasn't. This is an intelligent move to those foreigners, especially american clients that are not so familiar and fur friendly.

In the UK, the Labour Party has pledged to ban all fur imports and Fendi have to expand its materials reportoire. They will manage to do it at their best because of the savoir-faire of their artisans and ateliers.

Of course there was plenty of authentic ones but they look different. We love a marabou feather frock in ballerina pink. Fendi is also extremely good on proposing crochet and finer lace looked spiderweb-light. 

We also admire the new shoes, some mocassins built like a tower, they will be a success next season.

Fendi in Rome has a  wonderful boutique on Largo Goldoni and inside it a corner dedicated to the savoir faire with a team of artisans that are working there The major headquarters are in EUR in the Colosseo Quadrato.

Fendi gives a lot of glamour to Rome and we all thank them for that. As much as possible I take my clients to discover their world and often they buy somethings, especially bags and scarves. They also love their charms. Karl Lagerfeld and Silvia Venturini Fendi are doing a great job. No doubt about it.

Italian sunglasses for Prince William in Wimbledon

Often clients want to look for sunglasses. A typical desire of exclusive shopping in Rome. One of the trendiest brand is called L.G.R. Even Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, has been won over by L.G.R. William has been spotted in these sunglasses for the third time in recent weeks, attending the Wimbledon men's final on Sunday. A quick match where the southafrican blond guy Kevin Anderson had been defeated by Novak Djokovic. 

L.G.R. stands for Luca Gnecchi Ruscone. His brand of glasses are handmade in Italy, already appreciated by internationally acclaimed celebrities, photographers and designers, has now been chosen also by a member of the British Royal Family.

The Duke of Cambridge wore the Suez model on two occasions already, at the Isle of Man TT 2018 and during his official visit to the Jerash ruins in Jordan. A classic, functional and elegant model with a timeless style, Suez has been customized by L.G.R in a sunglasses version for William. The attention to detail and the prestige of Italian craftsmanship which make every frame unique, the top quality of the tempered mineral glass lenses and the style of L.G.R models have fascinated more and more people

L.G.R has been producing eyewear entirely handmade in Italy since 2008. The frames are made by small workshops that are able to craft top-quality, authentic and sophisticated products. All materials are processed following traditional procedures which make L.G.R models unique. For instance, materials are strictly polished by hand, without using solvents or varnishes, in order to ensure a silky finish. L.G.R lenses, which are made of toughened glass and are 100% made in Italy, boast the highest level of optical clarity in the world.

Luca Gnecchi Ruscone was born in Rome to a family with strong ties to Africa. During a trip to Asmara, during which he visited one of the warehouses of the store that belonged to his grandfather – who used to import sunglasses from the Thirties to the Seventies – Luca Gnecchi discovered some vintage models dating back to the Forties. This gave him the idea of embarking on a business venture in a completely new world for him. Through the success of the first collection, entirely handmade in small workshops, Luca Gnecchi has been able to recover an ancient know-how that was about to get lost. By mixing tradition with innovation, he has been able to achieve international success, winning over celebrities like Tom Cruise, Marion Cotillard, Gigi Hadid, Kate Hudson, Giorgio Armani, Charlotte and Pierre Casiraghi and many others.


L.G.R eyewear can be purchased in the flagship store located in Milan (Corso Garibaldi 36), online on lgrworld.com and in selected stores all over

Prince William con gli occhiali.png


The Venetian brand of artistic perfumery, The Merchant of Venice, continues its growth in the domestic and foreign markets by opening a new boutique in Via Bocca di Leone 93/94. Along with the historic San Fantin pharmacy, the Spezieria All'Ercole d'Oro, and the flagship stores in Venice, Murano, Milan, Verona, and Florence, the brand's stores are now seven.


Located near Piazza di Spagna, in the area that already houses the most important international luxury brands. Following the one in Milan, it is the second store of The Merchant of Venice with a concept  conceived and created by the internationally renowned theatre set designer, Pier Luigi Pizzi, who already authored the restyling of the exhibition in the Perfume Museum, in Palazzo Mocenigo, (Venice). This new museum’s theme is dedicated to the history of perfume, and its overall concept generated the concept of the brand itself.


“Rome is a unique city in the world” – states Marco Vidal, CEO of The Merchant of Venice - “There is no better place for the boutique of a brand that has the ambition to proudly represent the excellence of Made in Italy products. The symbolic magnificence of the Eternal City, its monuments, its ability to represent the art and architecture of over two thousand years of history. Rome is incomparable and exciting. We chose the area of Piazza di Spagna and Via Bocca di Leone because they are the heart of the elegant, cultured, open-minded spirit of the city. Once again, we were honoured to present a retail project by Maestro Pier Luigi Pizzi entirely dedicated to Rome: Pizzi interprets a style that will always distinguish the brand.”


This exclusive store features an innovative and impressive concept based on black and vermilion colours, a tribute to the ancient Romans who used these pigments to decorate their homes. Visitors are surrounded by a theatre atmosphere that re-interprets the typical ancient Venetian pharmacy in a contemporary key. The neoclassic interior design are made unique by the red colour, the institutional colour of the Brand. In the centre there is a niche with Corinthian columns, which frames the enlarged image of a perfume bottle from the collection.


Maestro Pier Luigi Pizzi, designer and curator of the restyling, states:

“The list of my collaborations with The Merchant of Venice is growing longer and richer. After the creation of the Perfume Museum in Palazzo Mocenigo (Venice), the exhibition at the Vittoriale, d'Annunzio e l’arte del profumo (Rome), and the showroom in via Brera (Milan), now there is this new project for Rome. Due to the great agreement between Marco Vidal and myself, I would say our style is easily recognisable. This style involves shared chromatic choices in an architectural environment, and an unmistakable touch of Venetian character given by the precious Murano glass, which also characterises the products of The Merchant of Venice.”


Inside the store, a wide range of Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette, along with body care, home living products, and accessories. It is a sensory shopping experience.

The fragrances are inspired by ancient Venetian perfumery art and bottled in elegant design packages that are reminiscent of the millenary tradition of Murano glass. Customers can also use the personalised layering service (fragrance combination): they can create their own perfume.They can even play as a master perfumer discovering the ancient secrets of a timeless tradition.