Shopping with friends in Rome

A fun moment with your friends ? Shopping with us in Rome. Grandtourshopping accepts a maximum of 4 people because everyone has his own taste and it is impossible to be more than that. If we talk about friends, a great brand, especially for pull-over is called Les Copains. People think it is french only because of the name which means actually friends in a colloquial way. Wrong! Les Copains is an historical italian brand specialized on wool. Generally speaking they produce great and fun knitwear. Generally colourful and wearable.

The essence of Bauhaus is the mainstream of this beautiful capsule collection for Fall Winter 2020. Have a look also at the advertising campaign published in a lot of September issues of fashion magazines. Bauhaus evoques painting, sculpture, architecture, music, dance and geometry. The rationalism of the Weimar school is a visual and chromatic input towards the perfection of the shape. In Les Copains they investigate the possibilities of the knitwear.

The inspiration lives in a variety of defined lines and an exploration of apparently simple volumes. A visionary power that generates maxi and mini pullovers, soft duffle coats, tricot cardigans and wrap around scarves. They can be worn all day long. The campaign was shot by the photographer Vetusta, the model is JUJU and the Agency is Monster.

The identity of the garment escapes the two-dimensionality of wool and becomes a dynamic shape with a tight rhythm, defined by the brand’s coats of arms logo-an archive retrieval-which lives on the pieces as a wearable artistic experience with manufacturing details. Don’t miss the experience with Les Copains which, by the way has a gorgeous boutique in Rome in via Borgognona 32. We can go shopping together.

foto Les Copains.jpg

A shopping experience can start at Louis Vuitton in Rome

In Rome, shopping can be a great experience. In piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina, there is one of the biggest Louis Vuitton flagship store worldwide, I just love it.

It used to be a movie theater and, few years ago, it was totally transformed by the american architect Peter Marino.

The women fashion is designed by Nicolas Ghesquière, one of the most talented guys around. Here you have an example of the latest travel campaign that the Maison Louis Vuitton just sent us for a release. We love this simple elegance.

Noted the total absence of high hills. Pants are skinny and essentials too.

Louis Vuitton presents its new campaign devoted to the Art of Travel, this timeless spirit that is one of the essential founding aspects of the House.

This campaign offers a light and creative vision through a travel diary. Under David James' artistic direction, photographer Angelo Pennetta captures models Rianne Van Rompaey, Fei Fei Sun and Kit Butler in some of Vietnam’s most striking locations, from the Ha Long Bay to Ninh Binh and its temples.

Across these evocative backdrops, each image expresses the serenity and magic of travel, as represented by the most iconic designs from the Louis Vuitton leather goods collection. Amongst these Icons are the emblematic Steamer bag, the latest On The Go shopper, the Alma in Epi leather and the Petite Malle from the New Classics range.

As if suspended in time, this new campaign expresses the importance of dreams and escape, two of Louis Vuitton’s key values. Inspiring a sense of immediate departure, it displays the Art of Travel as an invitation to take one’s time and to focus on the essential aspects of life.

With their spectacular landscapes, unchanged over many decades, Angelo Pennetta’s images and the silhouettes styled by Fran Burns capture the element of eternity inherent in every instant.

First revealed in October issues of major international magazines, the campaign will unveil a second series of images in November issues.

Don’t forget to book asap and we will take you to discover the Vuitton roman store. A magical shopping tour.

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New collections in Rome.

September is a great month for shopping in Rome. It gives us a chance to choose new items for Autum and Winter collections. For men and women. I came back from vacation the 27th of August and I already had two shopping tours. One on the 29th and the other one on the 1st of September. This time my clients were both men, both were lawyers, one from New Zealand ( with a rasta look, he used to be a drums musician and now he is a lawyer) and the other one was a manager from Washington DC. Both wanted italian suits but also shoes and coats.

Next week I am going to take care of a lady who is a 16 size, probably an XL. This will not be a problem because Rome has some opportunities for curvy ladies in a bunch of stores that I am going to scout tomorrow afternoon.

I love September because it gives me the opportunity to observe what is going to work next season. There are already things that I know. Especially for women’s fashion. The pants are very large, as you can see in the picture below. They are designed by Northern Irish designer Jonathan Anderson for the brand Loewe ( In Rome in piazza di Spagna). His collection is one of the best of the season. He is a trend setter. I am not so sure about skinny trousers this fall, let’s see. We will also be invaded by western boots, beige coats, loafers of the Seventies and vanilla capes.

Don’t miss also the glitter for the evening and the military style for any kind of situation. Especially parkas and trenches this winter will be dark green and mud.

Finally I suggest to book us as soon as possible because September and October are very requested monthes for shopping tours.

Loewe fw 2019.jpg