Passion for fashion


Eleonora Attolico, journalist for L’Espresso, l’Officiel and Vogue Italia, is the daughter of Count Giacomo Attolico, former Ambassador in Paris and London. With her work as a journalist and member of the roman social-set,  she can offer an insider’s approach to Roman life. She is fluent in English, French and Spanish.

Tours and services should be avoided on Monday mornings because most stores and galleries are closed. 

Also Saturday afternoons are liable to be crowded. Here are few examples of what can be offered to satisfy your wishes and can be customized according to any individual desire.


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That picture was taken by the photographer Michele Acampora, in Naples, at a party. We can have great fun in Rome too.

Eleonora Attolico, fashion expert, journalist and consultant for Waldorf Astoria guests.