Would you like to have a drink at Attolico's Palace near Piazza Navona? She is waiting for you.

Eleonora Attolico’s grand-parents bought the palazzo in the Thirties. A that time the center of Rome was in bad conditions. After the War, her grandmother had it renovated and divided it into apartments. The Palazzo is from the XVIIth Century and is classified as Palazzo Storico of historical values. It is near piazza Navona, in via di Parione 12.

Eleonora’s apartment  has 2 terraces, in spring and autumn they are suitable for drink outdoors. Eleonora can invite a few friends in order to introduce the clients to roman life. Depending on the age, profession, interests, She will do her best.

This invitation cannot be the same day of the shopping tour due to organizational necessities.



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