Rome the way we were

Paolo di Paolo came in Rome last month to open his exhibition called “Mondo Perduto”,at the Maxxi Museum in via Guido Reni. “Mondo Perduto” means “Lost Word”. In his early years he has been a photographer of the magazine Il Mondo. He published there about 573 pictures reporting on Italy but he has been a great photographer also around the world. He portrayed actors such as Marcello Mastroianni, Anna Magnani and Sophia Loren, artists like De Chirico, writers like Pier Paolo Pasolini and Oriana Fallaci.

You have to take at least one hour to look through this sample of Italy. The photos were generally shot in the Fifties and Sixties. You will switch from Lucio Fontana at the Biennale to Carla Accardi in Rome. You will also notice Mimmo Rotella creating one of his decollage in Piazza del Popolo but also Simone Signoret and Yves Montand walking on the Aventino Hill.

The exhibition is sponsored by Gucci and features more than 250 images many of which unseen. They are part of an enormous archive found by the daughter of Paolo di Paolo, Silvia in a cellar around twenty years ago.

After the shut down of Il Mondo in 1966 Di Paolo abandoned his camera and started a new life. The beautiful fashion picture shown below was shot in Rome, in Tor di Nona in 1957-58. The curator of the Maxxi exhibition, Giovanna Calvenzi, said to the press the day of the opening:” Di Paolo found an independent cultured path. He has the capacity of entering the world of art, literature and film. He has a natural gift for seeing an overview of the situations he frames and an ability to place people in relation to space”. What is sure is that going to see “Mondo Perduto” Lost world as it is called, you will catch a different way to understand Italy and Rome. Don’t miss it.

MAXXI Moda a Passeggio.jpg

Shopping for a powerful woman

Shopping in Rome at the Stella Mc Cartney’s boutique in via Borgognona 6. She shows in Paris at the Opéra but the winter collection will be in stores already in July-August. Not everyone knows that this english designer, daughter of Paul Mc Cartney, likes a lot Italy and make some of her fashion apparels in my country. The new upcoming ready to wear collection projects a powerful persona. Strength and softness while looking to the past, present and future. Uniting Northern soul references, fluidity, utility and upcycling.

The palette is a rich combination of classic biscuit brown, black and grey but also bottle green and burgundy. Pops of vivid blue, a gorgeous pink as you can see in the picture below, yellow and some bright colours.

A sense of structure defines the collection, imjected by strong shoulders on coats and dresses. Softness comes into play as draped fabrics.

A tapestry of quilted Stella Mc Cartney vintage fabric is stitched together wih graphic lines of embroidery to create monochromatic dresses and jackets. This is furthered by a statement-making, multi-coloured upcycled dress, made using vintage T shirts that are stripped, knotted and knitted. Menswear complements this with an upcycled military coat made from a miscellany of waxed panels. The result of an intensive method of reconstruction and deconstruction. A new burgundy brown fur free fur jacquard becomes coats for men and women.

Key accessories include cylinder bags with perforated logos, created in oversized and mini shapes. Anchoring the collection are platform crepe-sole boots in skinny knee-high silhouettes. A boot for men and women has been created with iconic British brand Hunter.

Twisted and wrapped adornments by celebrated artist Sheila Hicks have been created using indigeneous weaving techniques, worn like badges of honour for valour and bravery. Linking to the rainforest conservation, surrounding the show, sustainable viscose sourced from certified forests is used throughout as well as organic cotton and eco-canvas.

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Shopping in Rome with fashion and sport

Few days ago I received an interesting press release. The new collaboration between Adidas and Missoni for a limited edition of sneakers and apparel.

For men and women. These two brands are very requested by clients from all over the world.

In Rome the Missoni press office told me that we can get it at Piazza di Spagna 78 at their flagship store.

In order to be specific the collaboration will be between Missoni and The Adidas Running.

They will be joining forces for the first time to create a line of performance shoes and apparel that celebrates the innovation and craftmanship of adidas brand and Missoni cofounder and Olympic hurdler, Ottavio Missoni.

The creative collaboration is painted upon a rich canvas of history which refers to both brand’s roots, paying homage to Adidas’ dedication to the craft of performance and Ottavio Missoni’s vision in fashion.

Co- founder with wife Rosita of one of the most iconic brand in the world, the couple invented a new style made of kaleidoscopes of colors, unconventional patterns and innovative dying techniques which shaped the modern age of ready-to-wear .

The result is also a high-performance sports apparel, resulting in a limited-edition range that fuses together style and technique.

The footwear features a collection of Adidas’ iconic Ultraboost which incorporate Missoni’s trademark Space-dying technique on the knitted upper to achieve the iconic “flame” pattern which Missoni is renowned for.

Meanwhile, Adidas’ industry defining BOOST technology in the shoe’s midsole provides runners with optimal responsiveness and energy. The range of apparel includes a cast of franchise running product brought to life via adidas Primeknit technology. This range offers the runner a full ensemble with a Primeknit CRU short sleeve, a PHX Jacket that offers a weather protection and breathability, and the iconic Marathon 10 Short in a knit option all in two unique colorways – multicolored and black and white – available for both men and women.

Angela Missoni, Creative Director of Missoni said,

“The story of this collaboration started from the idea that both our companies’ founders were amazing craftsmen that were constantly pushing the limits of their industry. We hope runners everywhere will enjoy the product range for its creativity and quality above everything else.”

Craig Vanderoef, Senior Director, Product at adidas Running said, “Our collaboration with Missoni is very close to our hearts.

Our founders built our brands on such similar values – innovation, creativity, high-quality craftmanship – to bring their inspirational stories together was an amazing experience.

Working together was a natural fit, taking each of our crafts to the next level to seamlessly merge style and performance together.”

Showcasing Missoni’s Authentic credentials in the realm of athletics, founder, Ottavio Missoni, started his career as a runner at the age of 16, and then going on to represent Italy in the 400m finals at the 1948 Olympics Games, London.

Presently Ottavio’s daughter, Angela Missoni, is the Creative Director of the business and is committed to infusing the family brand with new energy, communicating new trends and ideas since 1997.

Shoes (RRP: €250) and apparel (RRP: €100 - €300) will be available to purchase from Missoni online and in-store April 24 and April 25.

For further information please visit,, or follow @missoni, @adidasrunning on Instagram or twitter to join the conversation.

The family-run fashion house Missoni has been at the forefront of Italian fashion since husband and wife Ottavio ("Tai") and Rosita Missoni started designing their unconventional patterned knits in the neighborhood of Varese in 1953. The brand is famous for its unique knitwear, made from a variety of fabrics in a kaleidoscope of colorful patterns, such as zigzags, stripes, geometrics, and abstract florals. Today, three generations of Missoni work in the business.

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