Discover Bomba's suitcase


A suitcase small enough for a hand baggage, to hold the experience of thirty years research by Cristina Bomba. One complete set of garments. Clothes as layers to add or take according to weather, occasion or state of feeling. Meant for those who favour fine fabrics, refined finishings and a style so simple that it will live on through fashion. A perfect traveller’s set in a suitcase that complies with all airline standards for cabin luggage. A new travel concept, with SINTESI you needn’t ponder what clothes to take along, and are prepared to leave on a trip at any time feeling at ease anywhere in the world. The suitcase and the garments alike are entirely crafted in Italy, following traditional manufacturing techniques that avail of the most precious Italian raw materials. In particular, only yarns made of natural fibers are used such as cashmere, cool wool, silk or cotton.

For woman there are three variations following the wearer’s physique or preferred fit: Slender, Median and Ample, each in different sizes.

The Bespoke version, for woman and man, allows to customise SINTESI entirely, according to individual requirements. This process takes place through a dialogue with us by phone or email and, if needs be, in a personal appointment with our tailor in Rome.