Piazza di Siena, a great horse show since 82 years

Yesterday I have been invited to the Longines Box : the brand is the official timer of Piazza di Siena, as it is simply called by roman. The winner of the spectacular Puissance competitiion was the italian horse rider, Emanuele Gaudiano. He won after falling from his horse Corbanus. He won because he he falled after the jump. He went over the obstacle. It was a very dramatic score for everybody watching the race. The nine competitors were all italian (second Roberto Arioldi)  except from Mark McAuley, an amazing irish rider who arrived 3rd. I love Piazza di Siena, it is still one of the most elegant appointment in Rome that occur every spring. I don't know why it has not be discovered yet by highend tourism. The Queen came here few years ago and She loved it. Don't miss it nex year.