Shopping with the roman Emperors

It happens sometime that my clients, during the roman shopping tour, ask me what to do in the evening. Obviously they want something special and unique. A great idea would be to buy tickets for a newly organized virtual travel in Antique Rome. The great thing is that this trip is made inside the roman ruins. It is setted open air, starting the 22nd of April up to the 30th of October. Every evening, it will be possible to visit the Augustus and /or Caesar Forum. The shows are in 3D and they are great because you will finally be able to understand how the Roman where living, eating, shopping, going to SPA and much more. Last year I went to visit the Augustus Forum with my cousin and I will never forget the experience. The tickets can be book on line The headphones are in eight languages.

Augustus Forum photocredit Andrea Franceschini

Caesar Forum photocredit Andrea Franceschini