In Rome, on Sundays, it is possibile to shop all day in "Garage Sale- Rigattieri per hobby" a great flea market.

It was invented by Enrico Quinto and Paolo Tinarelli, two fashion collectors known all around the world. They have an important collection and some of their pieces have been exhibit in Victoria and Albert Museum, in Milano, in Brasil etc..

This elegant flea market is located in Piazza della Marina 32, off via Flaminia, not too far from Piazza del Popolo. You can get antiques, Baccarat Vases, Gucci and Vuitton bags but also bijoux, home living, foulards, little silver objects. And, of course, a lot of clothes from Emilio Pucci to Max Mara or Giorgio Armani.

It is also possible to rent a stand and get rid of what you want.

The price goes from 92 euros to 160 euros. Depending on  the space you need. To book you have to call or send an email to or phone +39065880517

It opens at 10 am and close at 7 pm. It is fun also because sometimes you can bump into a VIP. Not only italian showbusiness people. Last year, for example, I saw Diane Keaton. She was working on a movie in Cinecittà for few weeks. She came at the Garage Sale. Nobody bothered her. Her driver was waiting outside. An unforgettable moment. She paid, like everyone else, to get inside. The entrance ticket is 1,60 euro.