May and June are the classic monthes for weddings. If you are not the bride you will need a hat or as the french say "A serre tete". In April everyone admire Melania Trump's white sombrero during the visit of the french President Emmanuel Macron in Washington D.C. It was custom made, for the First Lady, by Pierre Hervé. The skirt suit was from the american designer Michael Kors.

In Italy, especially in Rome,  you will notice that Laura Biagiotti designed a very similar white sombrero. Now the brand is in the hand of her daughter Lavinia, as unfortunatly, Laura passed away last year.  Everybody misses her a lot, because She was one of the most gentle designer in the fashion business, not only in Italy but worldwide. But life must go on and Lavinia opened, around Christmas, a new boutique in Rome in via Belsiana 57. The store is quite big and gives a great experience of shopping, especially for pull over, dresses, parkas. If you go there you will notice that they have a fantastic approach to embroideries and a high level of craftmanship. In the picture below a  model from Laura Biagiotti that will be available soon. It is from the upcoming fall winter collection

If you like hats, by the way, there are in Rome different spots. One is Troncarelli near piazza Navona. They were founded in 1857. In this season lots of Panamas and straw hats. Another spot is, obviously Borsalino. The store I prefer is near the Hotel de Russie, off piazza del Popolo.

If you are looking for new upcoming designers go to Barbara Guidi. Her shop is in Prati, in via dei Gracchi 106. She has reasonable prices and lots of creativity. At the moment She is very busy designing hats for the wedding season but also for Ascott. We are very proud to say that it is one of  this precious address discovered by


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