Two days ago, I was with Paula, a californian client that I took shopping in Rome. She told me that her favourite shoe brand was Jimmy Choo. The good new is that they just re-opened the boutique in via Condotti.

The renovation has both enhanced and expanded the original space. It was necessary because before, it was really small, always packed with women trying high hills and sandals. Now it comprises 80 sqm. The full women's collection of shoes, handbags, eyewear, small leather goods and fragrances is now spread in three rooms. The yellow travertine, typical of the Roman palaces, are used in the thresholds and the portals passing from one hall to another.

Jimmy Choo became famous worldwide because of the Tv series called "Sex and the City" but in the fashion world everybody knew it before that. It is a luxury accessories brand where the women's shoes remain the core of the business. CEO Pierre Denis and the creative director Sandrai Choi works together. They count more than 150 stores. It is part of the Michael Kors Holdings Limited luxury fashion group.