Shopping in Rome is a great adventure, especially from the 5th of January when sales are going to start. The best way to take advantage of them, is to buy smart. What do we mean by that? When you go shopping on sales you don’t necessarly have in mind a particular item. Don’t think before that you need those boots or that bag. You have to be open, an open mind on shopping. Remember also that when an item is too discounted (more than 50 %) generally it is a bad sign in Italy. The average sale should be around 30 %.

A good radar is to look for quality. Don’t go low cost. Focus on the best, on clothes, bags, accessories that you could not buy full price And this has two reasons. One is that when you buy a good brand it lasts longer, secondly if you don’t want it anymore, if you are bored, it will be easier to sell it in a consignment store next year ( in Rome one of the best is called Dress Agency in via Plana in the area of Parioli) or on line.

Finally in Rome the weather in the next days is supposed to be cold but sunny. A lot of romans are not back yet from vacations so it is an extremely good moment for sales searches. I have a shopping tour booked for tomorrow afternoon ( one day before official sales and we will see if we can find already some pre-sales or make reservations) . The sales will last in Rome till February 28th. We can lead you to the best sales opportunities in town around Piazza di Spagna, via del Babbuino, via Condotti etc…Don’t miss the chance to book us