In Rome shopping can be a Wave

A different shopping afternoon in Rome can be done in an artisanal fair. Through a friend of mine, Ottavia who runs a nice small company of pillows : Pois a Righe ( We already talked about it few monthes ago), I discover the Wave Market Fair. I knew the location. It is an old Bus station, an industrial big loft in the area of Prati. I already knew the place because since a couple of years, it is the main location of the Rome Fashion Week in January and July. We also talked about it a lot in previous posts.

The Wave Market Fair took place the 5th and 6th of October. The participants are mostly young artisans, perfumers, designers and small entrepreneurs. It was fun to see some skateboarders new brands, linens, different kind of honeys, some jewels made in resine or silver. Not everything is nice and the organization should make a more severe selection. Especially on clothes. On the other side we must say that the place is very big so you need to fill it up. We also love some head-bands, new lamps and a stand with stripe socks and eco-friendly scarves.

The ambition si to give inspiration. The idea is to have people meeting each other, to have artisans coming from different regions of Italy . Especially young people. The organizers encourage them to become entrepreneurs more than employees. We couldn’t agree more but burocracy in Italy is so terrible that they make everything to let you down and make you cry.

I am not so sure, by the way, that my clients from will love it. We need a car to get there and often on Sundays you are not allowed to take your car because of marathon, eco-days etc… Things in Rome are never easy. Anyway I had a good time, the street food on the courtyard is delicious. You can have burgers, fried potatoes, ice creams etc… The next edition will be end of November, beginning of December.