In Rome, up to the 16th of March, it is possible to watch artisans and craftspeople of Hermès in the Museo dell’Ara Pacis, Lungotevere in Augusta. It is part of the itinerant festival called “Hermès at Work” created in 2011. Artisans representing ten of the Parisian house’s métiers will meet the public ( also clients from because we will send them right away). They will share their expertise and passion.

In ten dedicated display areas, visitors will be able to discover the talented hands which transform material into bags, saddles, silk carves ( in the picture below a couple of printers on silk), ties, gloves and much more. The artisans demonstrate and explain their work, answer questions from the public , and discuss the exceptional techniques that are the hallmark of every Hermès métier. A film will provide an immersive experience for visitors to learn about the master glass-makers and cutters of the Saint Louis crystal works, founded in 1586 and acquired by Hermès in 1989.

A celebration of the craftsmanship, these experiences will give visitors a new sense of the meaning behind the term “artisan” and an understanding of the associated techniques. Thoughout the event, round tables and conferences will allow to delve deeper into the themes of craftsmanship, innovation and the transmission of know-how. Don’t miss it

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