Shopping for shoes in Rome

 The italian shoes brand CARMENS is growing. I love it and their creations are elegant and affordable. In Rome the flagship store is in via del Corso 103, more or less in the middle of the long roman shopping street. I often found shoes and sandals there for myself and for my clients of Last week, for example, an american client bought a pair of coral suede sandals with a medium size hill, a perfect every day passe-partout but I must say I preferred the caramel color because you can wear it more. Now Carmens is presenting this “MAGIC SPRING” capsule collection interpreted by Nima Benati and Cristina Musacchio.

After the success achieved with the creation of the capsule collection called FILIPPAXCARMENS the brand has decided to expand its collection by introducing another one dedicated to the beautiful season.

It reminds of a garden full of flowers. We enjoy the extra-volume sandals but you need to know how to walk on them. By the way there are four different models in different colours for a total of 14 iconic items.

Vintage flowers on coconut prints and the use of a romantic and feminine fabric like satin, give the famous model from Saturday Night Fever a romantic and timeless allure. Pastel tones, luminous skins and jewel buckles are creating intense chromatic games.

The most iconic accessories of the female wardrobe are then reinterpreted in romantic key but with a touch of glamour and contemporary touch.

Nima Benati, internationally renowned photographer, and Cristina Musacchio, among the most influential female presences on the web, are friends at work as well as in real life. They were chosen by Carmens to interpret the capsule collection “Magic Spring”. Two young cosmopolites. Two accomplices joined by a common passion. Two romantic girls who wear the Magic Spring capsules in a dreamlike and feminine mood.

The capsule collection can be purchased from the second week of April at the e-commerce of the brand and the flagship store in Rome that I mentioned. Prices from the capsule collection Magic Spring start from 150 euros but you can find also ankle boots and shoes at lower prices from the other collections. Carmens creations are always at a reasonable price. Remember this advise from a personal shopper and fashion journalist : When shoes are too cheap, it is a bad sign because that often means bad quality and danger for your feet. In other words : Do not save money on shoes and on sunglasses.

Carmens foto.jpeg