Stella McCartney and the Environment : a Long love affair.

Last week, Stella Mc Cartney presented her menswear collection for Summer 2020. We will see the collection in Rome in few monthes in the gorgeous boutique of via Borgognona. Different kind of men are in Stella’s mind. She was inspired by the poems of Jonathan Safran Froer. She wanted to show us a man that is engagé, fully conscious of the problems of the planet.

The colours of the collection are coming from the ground : black, brown, camel, grey, green with some spots of orange. Stella Mc Cartney has been one of the first fashion designer in the world to be fully involved in the environmental dramatic problems, She always worked on circular economy. 64 % of her clothes are made with sustainable fabrics and materials. She has used organic cotton, sustainable viscose, regenerated Nylon Econyl and recycled polyester. The Eco-weirdo graphic is a touch of humour on a purple T Shirt.

“ In our collection messages related to environmental matters are not only in the fabrics but printed on the clothes. We wanted them to be seen by everyone” says Stella McCartney. In the picture, for example, the bottle is now the must have of the season. Nobody has to go around with a plastic bottle. Forget about it. It is totally out. Don’t miss also the trekking shoes, the back packs, decorated with satellite stamps of the planet. You can see it soon with me booking my exclusive shopping tour in Rome

Stella Mccartney menswear SS 2000.jpg