Italian Fragrances can be as good as French

Eau d'Italie is a collection of fragrances, scent diffusers and body care products Made in Italy. They were born in Positano in 2004. The founders Marina Sersale and her husband Sebastiàn Alvarez Murena, created the first fragrance  to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Marina's family award winning hotel Le Sirenuse. I want to tease yoo, dear readers, without telling you where to get them in Rome even thougth I know the address because Marina Sersale told me... Each fragrance has a different meaning and describes a part of Itay. For example Un bateau pour Capri, is a feminine powdery floral that makes you think about Grace Kelly or Liz Taylor (in her best years). Sienne l'Hiver has geranium leaves, violets, white truffe. It gives you a glimpse of Tuscany. Don't miss Acqua Decima lemons, mandarins mixed witth the warmth of Neroli. Eau d'Italie in a  way, reflects the elegance of my Country, an elegant side that I love to promote. Check the website

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