Actress and Vintage Girl

In Italy everybody says that young people are depressed. Most of them don't want to study or work. They zap in front of TV and their best friend is the livingroom sofa.  Ilaria Dragone, 25 years old,  is exactly the opposite. She does a lot of things such as working as an actress for theatre and TV. She is beautiful and looks like Sarah Jessica Parker. About  a year ago She found a way to open a boutique in the Magnagrecia market, near piazza San Giovanni. Her space, called Vintage Show is, specialized on 50's and 70's dresses, but you can find also bijoux, shoes, Mary Poppins' style bags and purses. Plus lovely stripes shirts that Paul Mc Cartney would love. She works a lot with costume designers.  The Vintage Show is opened half day and never on Thursday. She scouts her dresses all around Europe, especially in Arezzo (Tuscany) and in Amsterdam. She has a facebook wall called vintage show. The fashion magazine GIOIA interviewed her. To be watched again.  

Ilaria Dragone.jpg