Carmens is an italian shoes brand established in Veneto. In Rome their flagship store is in via del Corso 103.

Carmens is perfect for an intelligent and reasonable shopping on italian shoes in Rome. I love their style because it is cutting edge at reasonable price. The shoes and boots are generally for less than 200 euros. Often between 100 and 150 euros. For the summer they are proposing the Baby Jane that you are seeing below in different colours such as pale pink, gold and red.

Last Friday I went again to visit the store for my scouting for www.grandtourshopping.com. Next week I am going to have three young clients. One on Wednesday who is only 15 years old and two on Saturday ( 15 and 21 ) and I am sure that Carmens will be a great success because their models are very fresh. I saw also ankle boots in funny colours such as purple and strawberry. The hill is not too high so that you can use them as everyday shoes.

I discovered them last year because the marketing office contacted me one year ago when they opened the boutique. I was very happy even though I think that Via del Corso is not the perfect location for them. In the future, when the brand will be more famous, I will suggest to go in other streets such as via Frattina, one of the most important shoe street in Rome.

Carmens 1.jpg