In Rome the Roberto Cavalli boutique is located in via Borgognona 25. One of my favourite street for shopping.

Last night I went to a dinner party and the host, Georgie, an australian friend of mine, was wearing a wonderful Cavalli gown. She was superb. The Cavalli brand is now designed by Paul Surridge, and He will be the special guest in Florence for the Pitti Fair in June. The history of Cavalli started exactly from there and, few years ago, they even made a fashion show on the Ponte Vecchio.  I love to take my clients to explore this nice brand and, in Rome, the store is big enough to get an idea of it.

Roberto Cavalli shows in Milano, and, at the end of february,  they presented men and women together. The inspiration was very eighties with bright colours such as red and electric blue. Paul Surridge made also a big research on skins and on the animalier prints. That was a very cleaver move because clients from all over the world expect to see exactly that on the Roberto Cavalli catwalk.

Shoulders are curvy and the fabrics are very interesting : stretch wool, silk and denim with embroideries. The italian craftmanship is very important for the brand also on the bags and shoes. The jewels are inspired by the Renaissance especially from the Medici and the Borgia with a touch of english victorian style.

Roberto Cavalli.jpg