In Rome during Alta Roma, a creativity week (more than a fashion week as the President Silvia Venturini Fendi said) I had the pleasure to discover Au197sm a pioneer. The entrepreneur Stefano Maccagnani and the Designer Paola Emilia Monachesi ( a former assistant of Gianni Versace) created this brand and, an avant-garde couture that merges sartorial savoir-faire with nano-technologies. The day before the show who took place in Cinecittà, we had the press conference and lunch at the Hotel Aleph, near via Veneto and the American Embassy.

The collection enphasises the fusion of precious metals and the use of ultrasonic welding . Through a process protected by an international patent, they bond 24 carat-gold and other precious metals to fabric. "Technology, research and tradition are the key points. The result is a tech couture. After Rome we will presented it in Paris". Stefano Macagnani, CEO of Au197sm explained  his goals at the press conference :" I am looking  for a human scale innovation and I am happy to bring this avant-garde technology  to the ultimate symbol of classicism". The production workshop is located in the Eternal City and the dresses looks a little bit like peplum of  Roman and Greek Goddess made of chiffon, cotton and organza. The palette of colours range from white, black, mint, licorice and pale rose. They also gave us a Tshirt. We are loosing powder of platinum, but after the first wash, the metal will stick together. We will keep you posted  on this matter. Mr Maccagnani promised us to tell also where the Au197sm will be sell in the future.

Fabrics range from hype technological to traditional materials given a contemporary twist. Refind tecnological details are made by fusing together nylon and Plexiglas fibers.Paper-like gold fabrics entirely made of unwoven gold create a minimalist look. We also loved the shoes. Creamy sneakers made of leather embellished with transparent sequins, nylon and Plexiglas threads and decorated with precious metals and gold.