Thanks to my PR friend Benedetta, I discovered Manifactory -Craftsmanship Coworking. It is more than a concept store, it is different things together : a new gallery of contemporary art, craftsmanship and design, fashion and ideas.  It was conceived by Cristiana Del Bello and Paolo Molaioni, with the aim of promoting and developing small and medium-sized craft companies and emerging designers, Italian and International. They change designers more or less every month, for example now we have bathing suits and tote bags for the beach.

The gallery is located in the ancient Jewish district: in  Via dei Funari 21A, one of the oldest areas of Rome where sometimes I go, especially to visit a fantastic home living store nearby called Limentani but this is another  story. 

MANIFACTORY is extremely interesting because generally clients asked me for brands they don't find in their countries. Here is exactly what they are looking for eventhough not everything there is up to date. Some orange coats did not convinced me but, on the other hands, some jewels were gorgeous.

To highlight its activity Manifactory organizes events every month in collaboration with the artisans and designers, attracting an Italian and International audience.

This great concept store presents mostly emerging designers. Not only shirts and bags but also jewels and bathing suits, hand-painted tshirts and why not  ? Ceramics.

At the moment, on the wall, you can admire the works of Olga Volha Piashko, whose three-dimensional portraits have already been presented in many galleries in Italy and abroad. Another artist to mention is Massimo Ripa, a goldsmith craftsman who creates paintings. I was happy to visit it and, in a moment where Italy needs to promote its artisans, a place like Manifactory  deserves to be known.