A couple of weeks ago Fendi had his Haute Couture show in Paris. Click on the pictures to see some models of shoes and bags too.

The new idea for the Fall season was to treat non-fur material in a way that they looked like real one. Some pieces, for example a skirt, was looking as Astrakhan but it wasn't. This is an intelligent move to those foreigners, especially american clients that are not so familiar and fur friendly.

In the UK, the Labour Party has pledged to ban all fur imports and Fendi have to expand its materials reportoire. They will manage to do it at their best because of the savoir-faire of their artisans and ateliers.

Of course there was plenty of authentic ones but they look different. We love a marabou feather frock in ballerina pink. Fendi is also extremely good on proposing crochet and finer lace looked spiderweb-light. 

We also admire the new shoes, some mocassins built like a tower, they will be a success next season.

Fendi in Rome has a  wonderful boutique on Largo Goldoni and inside it a corner dedicated to the savoir faire with a team of artisans that are working there The major headquarters are in EUR in the Colosseo Quadrato.

Fendi gives a lot of glamour to Rome and we all thank them for that. As much as possible I take my clients to discover their world and often they buy somethings, especially bags and scarves. They also love their charms. Karl Lagerfeld and Silvia Venturini Fendi are doing a great job. No doubt about it.