Made in Italy at its best. That is why we have a blog like To show you the most exclusive brand in Italy. We love Sergio Tacchini, one of the best brands for tennis fashion. In Rome I can find it in sports shops such as Bartoni. On the eve of the Grand Slam in the United States, Sergio Tacchini, the historic Italian sportswear brand, launches its tennis line designed for the team players who will be wearing it at Flushing Meadows from 27 August.

Eklips, the men’s line, is inspired by nature and in particular by the eclipse of the moon. This is translated into curved lines on the garments, with clear reference to the curved lines—made over with broken up lines and inserted patterns—on the Fohn sweat from the Archivio collection. The lightest of polyester fabrics with anti-UV and quick dry treatments and sublimation prints for maximum wearer comfort. The polo collar sees new construction, featuring a knitted triangle instead of the little plaque and buttons. The play on lines starts with the tiny stripe on the collar, then continuing all over the kit, including the shorts with their curved line print down the sides.

Whereas Perspective, the women’s line, gets its inspiration from geometric graphics, this time overlapped to create an almost 3D effect. The resulting false perspective lends the line its name. The play on lines and inserts, especially around the armholes, emphasises a feminine feel, as do elegant pleated inserts and special cuts, inspired by the brand’s tennis lines from the seventies. Lightweight polyester fabric with anti-UV and quick dry treatments. The skirt has two pleated inserts inside the two big front pleats to guarantee players freedom of movement.

Both lines are rounded out by matching accessories and will be available online and in top specialist stores from the end of August. We all wait for shopping Tacchini in Rome and everywhere else in the world.

Sergio Tacchini abito nero.jpg