Versace in Rome is in piazza di Spagna. Shopping there is a great moment for anyone. Last week I was in Milano. I understood that something was going on few days ago when I bumped into Santo Versace in via Montenapoleone while he was going to see his daughter Francesca who was presenting her new line of accessories called F.e.v. Santo took me there and I must say that the bags are cute. The wired thing was double: first of all that, the day of the show, Santo instead of taking care of the last minute problems of a catwalk was walking to visit Francesca. The presentation was at the Nuovo Paper Moon, a charming restaurant with a garden near by .

The other weird thing was that, when I told him that, I was not invited to the Versace show, he said something that was completely different from his style: “There is nothing I can do about it “. He repeated it twice. And it was true as we can see today. In a lot of shows there is a bad climate because often the brands prefer to invite influencers than journalists. Everybody told us that the catwalk place of Versace, in Piazza VI Febbraio was extremely big so they could fit the double of the people. But now it is considered cool to have only 3 raws of people and hundred of square meters of an empty space.

The answer of Santo was a signal to tell me that He was out of it. Today all the news are talking about it: Versace had be sold for 2 billions dollars. An extremely good price for a Maison that, especially in the last years, recoverd from difficult moments. One of the good moves of Donatella (She will be there in a vaguely creaative position) was to get Gianni’s archives and make them live again. A great idea. This last collection in Milano (that I saw on line) is very colourful and easy to wear. We hope that Michael Kors will keep an eye on it. They acquired 100 per cent of the brand. Jonathan Akeroyd will remain as the CEO.

Versace SS 2019.jpg