Clients from abroad always ask for something unique when they come for shopping in Rome. They want exclusive style and they love italian craftmanship. A great example of success is Pois a Righe. It means peas with stripes. It is an elegant brand of pillows extremely crafted and sophisticated. Everything started from an idea of two interior decorators and stylists: Ottavia Borella and Barbara Mantovani from Milano. The land of design worldwide.

They both worked for prestigious magazines and decided to set this line made with samples of wools, linen and silk from the best areas in Italy for fabrics: Biella and Como. The cushions are double face. They can be in linen on one side and hemp on the other one but you have example also of flannel and silk, depending on the season.

In Rome you can find those lovely pillows at Mia Gallery in via di Ripetta, one of the most famous shop for interiors in the center. All those pillows are embroidered by hand. They have gorgeous sketches such as the swimmer, the diver, the horsewoman, the skier, the tennis player, the golfer etc…. They are also some nice and warm words such as Bonjour, Eté etc…the website is Check it out for a soft surprise.