Brunello Cucinelli is known worldwide for the extreme quality of his cashmere. He started fourty years ago with the pullovers and now the company ( in the stock market since few years) spread into lots of things. Not only fashion such as linen, scarves, cottons, shoes etc... Cucinelli goes beyond. He has a dream and he explained it: "The great dream of my life has always been to work for the moral and economic dignity of the human being. I imagined a company that would make a profit but I wanted it to be achieved with ethics and respect of human beings, manufacturing products without harming the Creation".

About 400 journalists, some monks, carabinieri and few politicians such as Katiuscia Marini the president of Umbria Region,  were invited in Solomeo in his headquarters. Two hours from Rome.  We had a fantastic time. Below a picture of me in the gardens of the factory. Not only Brunello Cucinelli showed us the factory but also the new vineyards, a monument dedicated to the Dignity of the human being and the Solomeo village where we had the press conference. In Rome if you want to shop in Brunello Cucinelli's boutiques you have two stores. One is located in via Borgognona 33  (the biggest one) and the other is in via del Babuino 150/D.

At the end of this unforgettable day we had dinner with the best italian wines possible. Guado al Tasso and Tignanello. Brunello Cucinelli has a great quality, very rare. He is a generous man. He is also extremely curious and like to meet and talk with people from other fields. Soon he will be in USA to meet for the second time Jeff Besos from Amazon. Apparently he challenged him " You are the new Leonardo da Vinci but the one of you who will manage to humanize the web will be the King". An interesting point of view from one of the most successful italian entrepreneur of his generation.

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