This morning, August 30th 2018, I was invited in ADN KRONOS for a video interview. The press agency is located in Trastevere in Piazza Mastai. It is considered one of the most prestigious press agency in Italy and it was a great honour to talk about Made in Italy, exclusive shopping in Rome, problems and possible solutions.

The interview was led by Carmela Piccione, a great reporter who writes in a wide amount of fields such as culture, ballet, fashion and politic. She is reknown and respected. She asked me a lot about tourists. especially deal with clients from USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia but we also have europeans, especially english and swiss.

Carmela Piccione asked me about the glamour of Made In Italy and I explained that clients don't want only fashion clothes, shoes and bags but also look for beautiful little things such as stripe socks from Gallo, bijoux, jewels. They even like little coloured copy books from a stationary company called Campo Marzio. They love the design. My mission is to make them discovery new brands. I love a florentine artist who works on plastic that looks like glass. He makes vases, glasses, salad bowls. His name is Mario Luca Giusti.

There are so many brands to talk about. Clients like the fact that in shops such as Cenci the salesman have an amazing knowledge on tailorship. Not only that, Made in Italy can be extremely flexible and cleaver. It is one of the best country in the world where you can find great clothes for very curvy girls. Sometimes I also have young entrepreneurs in their thirties from the New Economy. They can not dress anymore as Steve Jobs with a T shirts and a pair of sneakers. Often they need to be dressed up to discuss business on Wall Street. So I take them to buy a new italian suit without spending a fortune. I like for exemple Canali, they work extremely well, I discover them in Florence in Pitti Uomo.

The video will come out in few days, we will keep you posted. Can't wait  to see it.