The ski season is started about one month ago and in Rome there are sales on ski equipment and apparels. A good occasion for shopping. There are different boutiques in Rome for mountains lovers. For example we like Banchetti Sport in via di Campo Marzio. They sell Colmar, a fantastic italian brand, excellent for duvet and jackets.

They just published a new book for their anniversary. The title is Sport in Style., in Italian and English. The book is an elegant illustrated monograph. It witnesses how Sport had influenced Fashion. Colmar is a centenary brand which has been able to scout the trends of the moment. Over 180 carefully selected photos. Past and present that shows a strong identity. The vintage picture below is adorable.

Fashion and sport are linked. The sport style is very popular on the runways and among the celebrities. In the pages of this book, with no doubt, Colmar has been able to develop and enhance it over the years .Colmar is part of Manifattura Colombo, a very prestigious group located in Monza.

 Sport in Style proposes a long sequence of images with unexpected associations in a constant dialogue between avant-garde historical productions and contemporary and lively shots.

 “ An emotional journey through images of yesterday and today shows how the almost centenary history of the brand can be the diary of the near future. Because fashion invents, thinks outside the box but then returns to its origins to find new ideas and reinvent itself.
And when sport contaminates fashion, in the end fashion is thankful.” As you can read on the book.