From the 24th to to 27th of January Rome had its Fashion mini-week. It is called Alta Roma. Four days coordinated by Silvia Venturini Fendi with the former model Simonetta Gianfelici and the niece of Franca Sozzani, Sara Maino. This trio completely changed the soul of the roman shows. The budget was very limited and they really made a good job.

For too long, Alta Roma has been a set of Haute Couture with dresses that were nice but had not a lot to add to the Paris one. So, for years and years we were seeing long beautiful dresses, showns in roman Palaces and behind fantastic monuments without any hope to be wear somewhere else. Everything was very vieux genre.

Now things are changing. The “Trio” as I called the three talent scouts are now proposing exactly what my clients from are asking for: NEW UPCOMING DESIGNERS. Especially if they are italian and young. This week (but in fact I could visit the Fashion Hub in Prati only on Saturday and Sunday for other engagements) I saw different things that I like. A brand called Asciari (eco and modern), another one called Leonardo Studio Design ( but he likes the acronymous and provocable LSD). On Sunday I saw also the lovely MRZ based on beautiful pull overs, large trousers with a high waist, skirts are unstructured. You can see the brand in the picture below. The designer is Simona Marziali. She creates a contemporary elegance for a sweet and assertive woman.

On Sunday night, finally an historical atelier. Historical does not mean old style. Gattinoni is an example. The designer Guillermo Mariotto is extremely contemporary and a TV celebrity as well as the CEO Stefano Dominella. The collection features over-size bermudas in green military lace doubled with fluorescent organza. Mousseline soleil gilets with hoods and the bomber XXL converted into a couture item.

A good way to conclude this four days of experimental fashion in Rome is to make a wish. We all hope that most of this young designers will find boutiques to sell their clothers. More buyers than ever came from Dubai, Qatar, Middle East and Asia. We keep our finger crossed for them and for the future of Made in Italy.

Alta Roma MRZ.jpg