In Rome Happy Valentine in Campo de' Fiori

One of the best things of the market of Campo de’Fiori is the flowers stands. There are two of them that I particularly like. One is owned by Stefano, a blond handsome guy, and one by Pippo who has a nice little dog. I interviewed Pippo (his real name is Giuseppe Nicosia) for a special mapping I am writing for a client with her beloved spots. I am very proud about the picture I made.

Giusepppe Nicosia is on Campo de’ Fiori since 1988 and has all kind of flowers, depending on the season. In few days, for example, he will have thousands of mimosa for the woman’s day, the 8th of March. He is also extremely talented in making compositions and bouquets even though, he told me, that making flowers for wedding bores him a lot. He works, by the way for important clients in the neighborhood, such as the French Embassy .

I must admit that the market of Campo de’ Fiori is not as nice as it used to be. Now there are a lot of stands full of coloured pasta that italian never buy, limoncello especially made as tourist traps and so on. There are a still a couple of good stands of fruits and vegetables but the prices are way too expensive. In front of the market I love the Forno with a great white pizza, a creamery and a butcher on the corner.

Campo de fiori.jpg