Rome needs beautiful, important stores. In a city with lots of problems shopping tours can be a brief of fresh air.

Especially if you have the opportunity to discover new, amazing boutiques such as the new space of Dolce &Gabbana in piazza di Spagna. It is located in a 16th century Palazzo.

It is distributed over two floors. Designed in collaboration with the architect Eric Carlson of the Carbondale Studio.

In the store you will notice a touch of Baroque. Chandeliers in gold, red and white blown glass. A different variety of marbles from all over the world.

The walls of both stories alternate stone with red fabric covering in moiré silk. Clients will also notice latin inscriptions, inlaid in gold mosaic taken from the poems of famous authors. Don’t leave without looking at the circular mosaic reproducing the She-Wolf emblem of Rome.

A monumental marble staircase will lead you the gallery, a sensory experience that looks like a glamourous heaven. Continuing on this level you will see a room dedicated to jewellery.

Finally the the inner sanctum where the tailoring is done. Here the featured material is wood-Ebony, Redgum and Canaletto walnut. The furniture, mirrors and seating are custom-made.

The women collection is full of flowers, gorgeous dresses and skirts. Don’t miss the shoes with the new amazing sneakers who look like Lego.

The new must have of the season.

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