The french president Emmanuel Macron today in Biarritz made a speech. Before the G7 he emphasizes how the textile industry is one of the major cause of pollution after oil and mining. Shoppers are more climate conscious than before. Lots of brands are reducing water usage and increasing eco-friendly materials. Stella Mac Cartney ( one of her model for the fall-winter 2020 in the picture below), has always been a pioneer and after her lots of designers are more environmental conscious than before.

Yesterday there was a big summit in France with François Henri Pinault and representatives of different brands world wide in order to take serious moves to reduce the pollution in the industry. The makers of some of those high tech fabrics are looking to cash as well. There is a long report today on Business of Fashion. Environmental problems are on the top of the political agenda.

Fashion companies are trying to be more aware and are looking for new sustainable solutions as Matteo Marzotto told me last february during the fashion week in Milano. By the way Milano has “invented” few years ago the Green Carpet award with Linda Firth, the italian wife of the english actor Colin.

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