New collections in Rome.

September is a great month for shopping in Rome. It gives us a chance to choose new items for Autum and Winter collections. For men and women. I came back from vacation the 27th of August and I already had two shopping tours. One on the 29th and the other one on the 1st of September. This time my clients were both men, both were lawyers, one from New Zealand ( with a rasta look, he used to be a drums musician and now he is a lawyer) and the other one was a manager from Washington DC. Both wanted italian suits but also shoes and coats.

Next week I am going to take care of a lady who is a 16 size, probably an XL. This will not be a problem because Rome has some opportunities for curvy ladies in a bunch of stores that I am going to scout tomorrow afternoon.

I love September because it gives me the opportunity to observe what is going to work next season. There are already things that I know. Especially for women’s fashion. The pants are very large, as you can see in the picture below. They are designed by Northern Irish designer Jonathan Anderson for the brand Loewe ( In Rome in piazza di Spagna). His collection is one of the best of the season. He is a trend setter. I am not so sure about skinny trousers this fall, let’s see. We will also be invaded by western boots, beige coats, loafers of the Seventies and vanilla capes.

Don’t miss also the glitter for the evening and the military style for any kind of situation. Especially parkas and trenches this winter will be dark green and mud.

Finally I suggest to book us as soon as possible because September and October are very requested monthes for shopping tours.

Loewe fw 2019.jpg