Anteprima a gorgeous brand to watch and other ideas for shopping

Shopping can be also a projection on the new upcoming season. In Rome there are sales in stores but also the first new ideas for the Fall collection. A visionary Journey is the title of Anteprima for the Fall Winter collection. Soon I will be in Milano in September to see the new Spring Collection of this lovely brand. In the meantime let’s have a look to this one. The japanese Creative Director Izumi Ogino described it very precisely: “The women of the season first inspired by Diana Vreeland”. The realm of cultural icons.

Vreeland made herself a JUDGE of style for decades at both Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue. She traveled the world wildly with her style. The fashion writer Sofia Gnoli mentioned her on her recent book “ L’alfabeto della moda” Carocci Editore, an extremely precise and funny book about the world of Fashion. If you speak some italian go and buy it. It is worth. I hope an american or english publishing company will tranlsate it soon. It can be perfect also in french.

Diana Vreeland was marvelous, eccentric yet sophisticated” says Izumi Ogino. It is true. I met Vreeland’s son in Florence few years ago when the theatre director Guido Torlonia made a show on her life with one of the most famous italian actress around: Adriana Asti.

Coming back to Anteprima’ campaign, we can say that Diana Vreeland as a muse, the photographer Frederico Martins was able to catch this modern woman in her essence. Shoot as strongly focus on the

portrait style to reflect the FW19 central character; the women who is self-confident yet

sweet, delicate yet determined, curious, strong but never bold. Model to be express both

feminine and masculine features.

Background intentionally set not be too much projected or interfere with the frame, the atmosphere where he created a set of images using the cinematic light which has allowed to exalt all the fundamental characteristics and to offer to the mood of the shooting a perfect balance in the story telling. These color and light combination creating a sense of cozy warm winter daylight and modern luxuries for the FW19 collections.