The first shots of the Pirelli Calendar

If there is something that represents Italy in the best way, it is the Pirelli Calendar. It is one of our symbol such as the Ferrari and Giorgio Armani.

The new upcoming Pirelli Calendar is shot by one of the greatest italian photographer worldwide. Paolo Roversi.
The 2020 Pirelli Calendar is entitled ‘Looking for Juliet’.

The photographer’s project, which involves actresses and singers of different cultures and countries, takes its cue from the Shakespearean drama “Romeo and Juliet” and the intersection of love, strength, youth and beauty embodied by its female protagonist.

The protagonists of “Looking for Juliet” were invited by the photographer to present the role of the girl in an ideal casting session that sees them act, pose, sing; each through their own emotion, art form, personality, character and interpretation of the role.

Roversi chose nine personalities to interpret the role. They include the British actresses Claire Foy, Mia Goth , Emma Watson. There are also the American Indya Moore, Yara Shahidi and Kristen Stewart in the picture below,. In other pages also the Chinese singer Chris Lee, the Spanish singer Rosalia, and the Franco-Italian artist Stella Roversi.

Shot in Paris where Paolo Roversi live but also obviously in Verona as we are talking about the interpretation of the tragedy “Romeo and Juliet”. It was shot over a week in May. The photographer says of his calendar: “I am still searching for my Juliet and I will be searching all my life. Because She is a dream”. In our opinion it is an iconic symbol and also a bridge between the anglo-saxon culture (William Shakespeare) and Verona ( Montecchi and Capuleti). A bridge that is part of our DNA.


Kristen Stewart - A7R05138-1.jpg