If you want to find a rain coat, a duvet, a jacket that are masterminds your place is Herno. The boutique in Rome is in via Borgognona 4 f and 4 g, one of my favourite street for shopping. Herno has a big birthday, 70 years of history. The owner Claudio Marenzi made a speech in Florence before the sitted dinner with press an buyers. It was preceded by a fantastic installation in the Leopolda Station. "In 1948 my father transformed the rainy climate of the lake and the humidity of the river into an opportunity when he started producing raincoats. Production organised itself so that in 1980's and 90's it was almost easiier to decide to work for third parties, for french maisons. Since 2005 my strategy has relied of the awareness of being able to develop our brand in an  evolutionary, practical and tailoring way we handle each stage of the process".

A perfect combination of praticality, tradition  and innovation. The factory is in Lesa near Novara, on the Maggiore Lake. It is the quintessence of doing it the Italian way, intuition that uncovers an opportunity in the waters of a lake, river and rain. It is the revelation of how a raincoat has travelled down through decades.

Renewed, deconstructed, strenghtened, modified in technological, ecological, luxurious and urban variations enhanced in its fabrics and advanced in performance. In Florence, in the Leopolda station, the Water Echoes was an interactive installation designed by Studio Azzurro (we were sitted next to them at the dinner) that summarises and evokes the element best suited to the brand: obviously water.  It was an artistic immersion of images and sounds. Of course the installation called L.I.B.R.A.R.Y was like a spectacular box containing old and new models of jackets and raincoats but also objects, memories, old pictures, videos, furnishing and photos.  A brand that I admire and want to make my clients discover more and more.


Herno L.I.B.R.A.R.Y. - 16.jpg