In Rome with elegant sunglasses

Luca Gnecchi Ruscone is proud to announce that he is opening a flagship store in Rome. His brand of glasses are handmade in Italy. The new boutique is going to open on July 9th in via Fontanella Borghese. It will be the second one in Italy after Milano. “ We plan to open other monobrands in my country- Florence may be the next one- but also abroad” states Luca as the CEO and founder of L.G.R.

Luca is a roman guy, his family has strong ties to Africa. During a trip to Asmara he discovered some vintage models who belonged to his grandfather Raffaello Bini who was running a store called Ottica Bini. He used to import sunglasses from the Thirties to the Seventies. This gave Luca Gnecchi the idea of making sunglasses inspired to this old, elegant models. Through the success of his first collection, entirely handmade in workshops, Luca has been able to recover an ancient know how that was about to get lost. It is not a surprise if a lot of celebrities wear his sunglasses such as Prince William, Kate Hudson, Gigi Hadid, Marion Cotillard, Charlotte and Pierre Casiraghi, Tom Cruise. The interesting thing is that they chose them, they bought them, they were not paid to wear them. It is not a detail to mention it.

This combination of Italy and Africa is in every corner of the store. The wooden furniture and the coconut elements have been carefully manufactured by italian craftsmen. Fabrics and chandeliers have been made in Morocco. The store will show case the Spring-Summer collection. Among the models the Lalibela, with round, wraparound lenses in the style of the Seventies. And what about the Pilot? It is a contemporary version of classic aviator frames.

L.G.R. has been producing eyewear since 2008. They can be purchased online on but the best thing will be to come with us to explore the new store. Book us asap on

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